Jewel care

Taking proper care of your Tikè jewels will help them maintain their luster and brightness.
Here are some tips on how to care for and preserve your jewelry.

Maintain the shine

When the Jewels are exposed to the air over a prolonged period of time, they may lose their luster.
Fogging or loss of luster is a natural phenomenon that can be restored by special cleaning.
Before going to bed, taking a shower or any physical activity, we strongly recommend that you remove your jewelry.
The integrity of jewelry can be compromised if exposed to certain chemicals or situations. Examples are sweating, perfumes, detergents, chlorine, sea water, etc ...

Taking care of jewelry
Gold-plated items require more care. Too vigorous rubbing can cause loss of plating. Consequently, it is essential to proceed slowly and carefully to avoid causing wear. If the jewelry has darkened over time, a special silver polishing cloth is an excellent tool for restoring the luster. This method, however, will not erase any scratches or dents on the jewelry.

Unlike, Porcelain is a highly scratch resistant and stainless material. However, contact with less hard elements, such as gold or silver, can generate the formation of deposits of material with an appearance similar to scratches. Clean the porcelain jewel with warm water and a soft bristle brush, then dry with a soft cloth.

How to keep jewelry safe

Store jewelry out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, preferably in a padded jewelry box or bag resistant to fogging. Rubber containers should never be used as they could accelerate fogging and blackening. Never store jewelry in the bathtub or any other humid environment.

Please keep in mind that:

Tikè Jewels cannot guarantee that the gold plating of our jewelry will last forever. By their very nature, gold-plated products are more brittle and prone to discoloration over time. The rate of color fading is determined by a number of factors, including the use of chemicals on the skin, the amount of sweat of the wearer, and even the pH level of the individual's skin. For this, it is essential to take proper care of gold-plated jewelry.